short brown hair with blonde highlights

For someone who possesses brown hair of short-length, it is quite difficult to choose a style that complements their hair. However, with blonde highlights, you can make your short brown hair appear attractive and different.

Try Stylish Blonde Highlights To Enhance Your Short Length Brown Hair:

Even if you like to have a short pixie cut, you can opt from a variety of lowlights and highlights to provide great texture to your hair. Adding blonde highlights will help in toning your short brown hair deeply.

When it comes to blonde highlights, one you can choose from simple and traditional highlights to bright and bold highlights. Furthermore, if you don’t like to have multiple shades for highlights then you can also opt for a single shade highlight.

Why Choose Blonde Highlights With Short Brown Hair?

For women, hair is an essential and appealing factor. A great hairstyle can easily grab the attention of the audience. Furthermore, making their personality eye-catching. Due to the rapidly changing trends, women also demand their hairstyles to look attractive and distinct.

Many women also love to have short brown color hair. However, it is a common fact that blonde highlights glorify your hair beauty and complement your personality with charm. Keeping this thing in mind we have chosen a few of the most trending styles featuring blonde highlights.  Let’s take a look at them:

Caramel Blonde Highlights With Chocolate Brown Hair:

If you possess wavy brown hair, then blonde caramel highlights will work perfectly fine with it. For women with a fair complexion, the multi-color hairstyle will look stunning. Another thing that matters a lot is the shade highlight of blonde color that will complement your short brown hair. It’s entirely up to you to opt for the highlight that ideally matches your personality.

Caramel Blonde Highlights With Chocolate Brown Hair

Golden-Brown Highlight With Short Natural Brown Hair:

With shadowed roots and lightening ends your hair looks striking and appealing in any season.  Golden-brown highlights are very effective in increasing the beauty of your short brown hairstyle. For some added texture and movement you can also opt for a braid with this style.

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Golden-Brown Highlight With Short Natural Brown Hair

Shining Blonde With Short Brown Hair:

Make your short brown hair attractive, stylish, and more noticeable. For someone who is worried about getting a style for their short brown hair can have blonde highlights to make themselves look appealing and charming. Your short brown hair will look great with both light and sharp blonde highlights. Having this hairstyle will add movement and texture to your looks.

Shining Blonde Highlights With Short Brown Hair

Honey And Blonde Highlights With Short-Length Ashy Brown Hair:

Using this hairstyle with light brown hair can result in softening the sharp features of your face. This hairstyle with ashy brown and honey blonde highlights is the most demanding and trendy hairstyle to adopt currently.

Honey And Blonde Highlights With Short-Length Ashy Brown Hair


We hope that you will like our suggested collection of short hairstyles for brown hair with blonde highlights. From the above styles, you can adopt the hairstyle that would look gorgeous with your face and complexion. Moreover, tell us in the comment section about which style is your personal favorite.