red hair with blonde highlights

Doesn’t matter if you naturally possess red hair or you adopt it later? With blonde highlights, you can always complement your red hair with great looks. In this article below here, you will get to know some of the most stunning and trendy blonde highlight ideas for red hair.

When it comes to red hair, you have limitless options of hair shades available. Platinum blonde highlights combined with red darkish hair can provide the ideal contrast. You can also opt to go subtle with a medium red hue and dark caramel blonde.  You can adopt a variety of styles with red hair and blonde highlights.

Spice Up Things With Red Hair And Blonde Highlights:

Once you read this entire post, you will discover that the darker reds and brighter blondes will take more plenty of money and time to achieve. You need some consultation from your hairstylist about the hair combination that will suit best with your appearance. Furthermore, that also fits your budget and lifestyle needs.

Ash Blonde Highlights:

Try the unique color blend of ash-blonde with your short length red hair. This red hairstyle combined with ash-blonde highlights is both dimensional and edgy. Furthermore, it requires a lot of care. The unique texture of ash-blonde in this hairstyle makes it unique and distinct from many of the other stylish blonde highlighted hairstyles. Additionally, you can feature platinum streaks and vibrant rose base to your short length red hair.

ash blonde on red hair

Blonde With Cheery Red Hair:

Blonde highlights are perfect for someone with cheery red hair, willing to experience something bold and new. Blonde highlights with multiple shades can be mighty effective in making your hair look entirely different. Furthermore, if you add a pop of blonde at the front to your red hair then it will be stunning.

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Blonde Highlights With Cheery Red Hair

Caramel Blonde Highlights With Bright Red Hair:

Any woman in this world with red hair can adopt this hairstyle regardless of their skin tone and color. The caramel blonde highlights are something that will look unique on your red hair. Furthermore, this style will give a great definition to your locks.

Caramel Blonde Highlights With Bright Red Hair

Long Red Hair With Bold Blonde:

Blonde and bold highlights always appear great with red natural hair. This hairstyle is just the ideal combination of red and blonde. Making it one of the most demanding and trending hairstyles of recent times. You can also try various kinds of braids with this style to make yourself look more elegant and gorgeous.

Long Red Hair With Bold Blonde Highlights

Blonde Highlights With Burgundy Hair:

If you are gifted with rich red hair then having blonde highlights with it will bring more elegance to your hair. For women who love to have effortless tones, this hairstyle is just perfect. The style is a fine blend of bold and soft. Furthermore, it brightens up your whole appearance.

Blonde Highlights With Burgundy Hair


If you are wondering to opt for red hair with blonde highlights, then we highly recommend you to at least try each of the above amazing styles. These stunning hairstyles will provide brightness to your red hair along with blonde color texture. Making you look distinct and more decent from the rest.