We know the only thing which is constant in this world is change.

If we track the change in the fashion of humankind, we find a huge variation, filled with traditional and cultural preferences, and a sense of admiration. Selection of dresses on the basis of merely covering a body stopped and people started to dress up to look nicer, captivating, and attractive.

The same goes for the hairstyles. Each type of hairstyle is made to loop perfect on a specific personality with specific facial structure.

To make a hairstyle look beautiful and amazing, highlights were introduced. Highlights enhance your hairstyle and allow you to have plenty of options for your hairstyle. Though highlights can leave enchanting effects if the combination and style are chosen wrong, it can destroy your charm. Therefore, before going for a highlight, ask some hairstyle experts what style and colour combination would suit your personality or haircut style.

If you are having blushing red hair and wish to have blonde highlights, here are 5 different highlight styles for you.

Casual Hairstyle with Balayage Highlights

If you have red hair with casual hairstyle, Balayage highlights with blonde colouring are the best choice for you. In this highlight style, the highlight is more focused on the surface of your hair with light colour. A wavy texture of highlight is kept in such a complementary way that it blends perfectly with your hair colour. Once finished perfectly, your hairstyle gives a shiny, decent, casual look. Hair with such a style best be kept open to reveal its beautiful light contrast freely.

Chestnut Highlights for Medium Long Hair

Having nice red hair give you an edge for this highlight style as it needs to be dark at the roots. If you have layers of medium length hair, Chestnut highlight will bring a cool addition into your hairstyles. The highlight starts from midway of the layers, transitioning towards the tips giving subtle shades to your strands. The strands at the end should be stylized as wavy or curly to give a nice dramatic look. This highlight looks more decent at formal occasions as it seems refreshing and subtle.

Pixie Hairstyle with Chunky Highlights

Chunky highlights are used for longer hair commonly but it can look great on your Pixie too. Red hair with Pixie haircut gives a great look through chunky highlights. The contrast of red hair with blonde highlights portrays a rich, prominent colouring scheme. Giving rich blonde highlights to spikes while keeping the background original red take the style to the next level. It enriches the style and both colours produce a complementary contrast. If you haven’t tried Chunky highlights on Pixie cut, go ahead, it looks amazing.

Sun-kissed Highlights for Long Hair

If you are up for classy look with stylish highlights, the sun-kissed highlight is for you. With red hair and blonde highlights, the hairstyle is going to look mesmerising. This highlight is achieved by leaving the top head with original colour and painting the strands with rich blonde colour till the tips. To achieve a classy look, the lower strands should be made wavy and messy. The strands near the tips should be highlighted in single plain colour while this should turn into slight variations while transitioning up towards the top. This blending transition from light to rich highlighting gives an astonishing new look. Sun-kissed Highlights achieve both trending fashion and classic looks at the same time, which means that this combination is going to look dashing with both formal and informal dresses.

Ombre Highlights with V-Shaped Hairstyle

Though Ombré highlights work with a few more hairstyles like uniform length and long Bob, V-shaped hairstyle looks great in this highlight. Ombre highlights need extra care especially when you are going to have a blonde colour on your V-shaped haircut. Hair needs to be straight in V-shaped hairstyle, that’s why a small glitch in the transition of Ombré highlight will look prominent and the whole purpose of highlighting would be ruined. Ombré is very famous and trending highlight style these days. It keeps the top of the head dark, and paints the fall of hair with light and smooth shades, till the tips. One of the amazing aspects of choosing ombre highlight is that it can be kept for any length of long hair. Once done perfectly, Ombré highlight looks fascinating and attractive.

Red hair with blonde highlights gives a gorgeous look. Going for a change and making red hair more interesting will make your personality versatile and captivating. Choose any highlight style and give a new life to your hairstyle.