Your appearance tells a lot about your personality. The colours you choose, that dressing you wear, the hairstyle you make, everything tells exquisite details about your attitude and behaviour. That is why, keeping pure is important but presenting this purity to the world needs your outside actions, decisions, and appearances. As the famous line from Batman Begins goes like:

“It is not who you are underneath, it is what you do that defines you.”

So dress up nice, bring a change, try new things, and portray different dimensions of your personality.

One of the trending change in fashion and styles is highlighting your hair. Hairstyle defines one’s individuality. Some people have the same hairstyle throughout their life. Some try a new style every week.

Whether you are one of the those who prefer a new look pretty often or one of those who stick to one style for a long long time, you can try out one of these new looks and who knows, perhaps it becomes your next permanent look.

Having light brown hair is not so rare. Therefore, to make your hairstyle stand out and project a shining new look, you should go for blonde highlights. Here are 5 styles of light brown hair with blonde highlights.

Chunky Highlights with Long Hair

Light brown hair with blonde Chunky highlights is achieved by colouring alternative strands of your hair. It is a smooth highlight, giving a sleek hair texture. Having light brown hair with blonde highlights give a light contrast and classy casual look. This is one of the best options to go for highlights if it is your first time you have intended to go for a highlight.

Blonde Highlights with Long Hair

Light brown with blonde highlights is a very refreshing combination. Keeping a few strands at the top of the hair light brown and highlighting the rest of the hair with a blonde gives you a clean and smooth new look. With the right dress in a party that complements the combination of highlight, your personality will glow like a star. This is a kind of highlight which can be kept for a long long time without getting bored of its attraction.

Multi-dimensional Highlights with Multi-layered Medium Long Hair

People with light brown hair can highlight their hair with multi-dimensional style to achieve an elegant yet prominent look with the blonde colour combination. First of all, make the ends of the hair curly. Then, from the root to the tip of your hair, the alternate strand is painted with blonde highlights. This gives a combination of relatively darker (light brown) and glowing (blonde highlight) strands. The combination with multi-dimensional highlights look elegantly amazing and give a prominent look.

Thin Highlights with Short Hair and Side Bangs

If you want to keep it subtle and don’t want to change your hair with distinct highlights, this option is perfect for you. The strength of the blonde highlights with your light brown hair will be light and complementary to your hair colour. This highlight is achieved through colouring thin strands with lighter shades. Having short hair with thin highlights create a perfect match. Apart from achieving simplicity and elegance in this highlight, another advantage is that it complements your casual outfits. So whether you are having an informal dress or semi-formal, your personality will shine with is highlight style.

Dip-dyed Highlights with Layers and Front Bang

This style of highlights looks amazing with long hair, especially with layers and a notch of bangs at the front. Highlights at the ends of the strands are kept lighter with a smooth transition. The roots of the hair and bangs are slightly highlighted with random strokes so that they remain mostly light brown but give shiny looks. However, the tips are given rich blonde highlights as if they have been dipped in highlight. The bangs are kept straight while the layers towards the end are made look wavy and messy. This haircut with such highlights gives you alluring looks but still maintains your “the girl next door” persona.

Finally, there are endless highlight choices with for specific season, occasion, or functions. So why not celebrate each moment with amazing new looks and interesting new moods?

Choose a highlight and go ahead, try it to discover hidden dimensions of your charismatic personality.