dark hair with blonde highlights

Nothing suits better for deeper and darker hair than light blonde highlights. If you naturally possess dark and bold hair then you have the chance to mark your appearance stands out with some blonde highlights.

Having multi-tonal hair can give you various benefits. One of them is that your hair will have shades of multiple textures. The multi-textured shades will allow your hair to appear different in day and night, which is quite an advantage.

Dark Hair With Blonde Highlights Ideas To Complement Your Skin Tone:

We are going to reveal a few of the best and trendy hairstyles for your dark hair later in this article. So read below to end your curiosity:

Blonde & Caramel Highlights:

There are obvious reasons why the balayage ombre blend is a big hit these days. One of them is the regrowth of root that is phenomenal. For anyone, it would be difficult to find any other hairstyle that is as easy to maintain as this style.

blonde and caramel highlights

Do you know the best thing about this hairstyle? It is that you can try multiple color shades with it to experience something new. This means that you can give your hair some break. Surely, this will save you some money. Furthermore, you can keep this style for a few months too.

Dark To Caramel To Blonde Ombre:

This particular hairstyle won’t be won’t be easy to attain at home. Especially, when you don’t have the expertise of dyeing your hair like a pro. To get this, you have to collect many photos of this style from multiple angles. Show them to your stylist so that they can understand what kind of result you want. Making your chances higher that when you will walk out of the hair salon with an alluring look. Everyone around you will be greatly impressed with your style!

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Dark To Caramel To Blonde Ombre

Highlights On Dark, Layered Hair:

Thinking of adding more dimension to your naturally dark brown hair? If yes then why don’t you add a slight little tangerine twist to your light blonde highlights? Adding some blonde highlights with dark brown hair will make an ideal contrast of light and dark. Surely any woman will look spectacular with this style.

Highlights On Dark, Layered Hair

Beige Blonde:

The beige blonde highlight is the ideal choice for women who like to add some color, but not too much of it. You can opt to have beige blonde highlights around your face, rather than making the hair scattered all around the face. Making your hair much softer to pull off.

Beige Blonde

Highlighted Lob:

If you are currently growing a bob then a lob can be your way forward. You can add some stunning blonde highlights to your lob hairstyle for some extra texture. For an ideal look, make your hair lighter from the center and intense towards the ends.

Highlighted Lob

We would love to know which hairstyle you like the most and is your favorite. So make sure you come back with one of the above styles and let us know, how it looks!