1. Have you ever thought of your dark hair as a dark sky but without stars?
  2. Or, you may have thought of it as a dark fate causing no light in your life?
  3. Maybe you didn’t go that much philosophical and simply thought of it as “dark hair”.


  1. Have you ever thought of adding stars to this dark sky?
  2. Have you ever thought of lightening up your fate?
  3. Have you ever thought of highlighting your dark hair?

If you are a wandering soul, brave enough to try new things, curious enough to explore new levels, and creative enough to make your personality more captivating, we are here to introduce you to a new shine to your dark hair that will leave an enchanting charisma.

The most attractive contrast highlight with dark hair is blonde. So, we will be discussing some of the styles with the combination of dark hair and blonde highlights.

Babylights highlights using dark hair with blonde highlights is a perfect highlight style for those who prefer simplicity and do not want to change the hair colour aggressively. This type of highlights style is preferred on long hair. This is a style that copies the dimensional hair colour spotted on children’s hair. The final result gives a fresh, delicate, and light look that portrays a natural beauty.

Balayage highlights on dark hair with blonde highlights is a richer highlights style for those who want to take a bold step and colour their hair with prominence. It’s a colour style where the painting technique is used. Your strands are painted by hand, applying the highlights straight in your hair.

Blonde Balayage highlights on dark hair look stunning and the contrast gives a distinct look.

Ombré highlights look best on classic uniform hairstyle, especially if you have dark hair and put a blonde Ombré highlight on it. This is a very fascinating gradient highlight, started from the roots with very light highlights and slowly blending into richer as it reaches to the tip.

This is one of the famous, trendsetting highlights simply because of its beauty and gorgeous look. The colour fall looks mesmerising and thus giving your personality a refreshing new look.

Chunky Highlights is another highlights style that looks amazing with dark hair and blonde highlights. The hair looks literally chunky, as the name implies. If done perfectly, Chunky highlights can make an absolutely amazing and stunning look. This style will look perfect if applied on Pixie, layered hair, and long bob hairstyles.

Frosted highlights is a highlights style perfect for blonde and dark hair contrast. It is nearly similar to Chunky highlights but instead of lightening the whole hair from root to tip, frosted highlights only paint the tips of your hair. It gives a multi-dimensional effect with your blonde highlights. With that being said, frosted highlights give new songs to your style and personality. If it’s your first time, going for frosted highlights is a better choice, especially when you have short hair, as it doesn’t produce an aggressive, colour-rich look. This highlight style is perfect for short hair. It is famous among both men and women.

Flamboyage Highlights is a very cool highlighting style. As the name shows, it is the combination of Flamboyant and Balayage which means, it’s going to look so much amazing. As for as the highlight style is concerned, it blends both Ombré and Balayage highlights styles, thus giving a totally new look to your simple dark hair. This type of highlight style is preferably adopted for long hair, especially curly long hair. As it uses two highlighting techniques together, therefore, it is rich in colours and gives very prominent stunning looks. If you are looking for a consistent, distinct looking highlights style, this one is definitely for you.

Ribbon Highlights is has a great similarity with Balayage Highlights but Ribbon highlights add more depths and dimensions to your hair. Ribbon highlights are more concentrated on the tips and middle of the hair and the end of the hair is almost neglected. If you have a naturally curvy hairstyle, Ribbon highlight is perfect for you. As the highlights concentrate on curves and tips more, the colour flows down smoothly, along with the curve of hair, giving a dazzling, natural, and prominent look.

If you are having dark hair and considering to have blonde highlights, this is a perfect time for you. Choose one of the above highlight styles and bring captivating changes into your hairstyle, produce fresh new looks, and experience cool fashion designs you have never had.