black hair with blonde highlights

Black hair with blonde highlights is currently one of the hottest hairstyle trends. This hairstyle not only looks sophisticated and alluring but it also adds dimension and depth to your overall appearance. Furthermore, it brightens your eyes to make them look more beautiful.

Someone who wants to add a bit of WOW element to their black hair should consider getting some stylish blonde highlights. Blonde color offers many highlight variations that flatter multiple skin tones. Allowing you to bring more textures and styles to your black hair.

Why Blonde Highlights Are The Best Option For Black Hair?

Dark hair with blonde highlights can make your hairstyle feel cute and full of spring vigor. Furthermore, it can be an ideal option for women who desire audience attention. The vivid tone of blonde highlights can enhance your bold character and enthusiastic personality.

We have featured some of the best blonde highlight ideas for you to add radiance to the appearance. Whether you are willing to add some extra depth or go lighter, these black hairstyle ideas will be helpful. Take a look:

Honey Blonde Highlights On Black Hair:

Honey blonde highlights will work perfectly for you if you possess natural dark black hair. It will not only brighten your face but brings more attention to it. You can try this style with beachy waves or loose, soft curls. The seamless transition from light to dark makes this style look so simple yet so elegant.

honey blonde highlights on black hair

Black Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights:

If you love to have a golden texture with your dark black hair then this glorious hairstyle is just for you. The golden blonde highlights in this hairstyle create a mix balayage look. You can choose a stylish blonde highlight along with a great highlighting technique to go from the root. Furthermore, you can opt for both straight and style waved hair with this style. Either of them will look astonishing!

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Black Hair With Golden Blonde Highlights

Stylish And Subtle Blonde:

If you are a woman who opts to go for a subtle look then you can adopt this stylish hairstyle. The hair in this hairstyle is darkest at the root and slowly gets a little lighter with a blonde. This hairstyle is very popular among women these days as it is very low maintenance and also easy to wear.

Stylish And Subtle Blonde

Sunkissed Black Hair:

Often, women with black hair feel that their head is a little too dark. If you feel the same way that your hair needs a lift then you can attempt a sunkissed look. From the root, the hair is black and gradually has highlights including brown and blonde shades. The multiple tones in this hairstyle create a beachy, beautiful, and sunny look.

Sunkissed Black Hair

Black Lob With Blonde Highlights:

If you are thinking of an entire makeover of your hair? Then you might like this amazing hairstyle! The light shade of blonde in this black hairstyle is very light and toned down. For someone who doesn’t like to be too bright blonde, this style is perfect. This style will also complement those who like bolder blondes.

Black Lob With Blonde Highlights