“The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.”- Dorothy Parker

Throw away the boredom of having plain, black hair, and start being curious for the endless styles of highlights. If you haven’t tried ever, here’s the time. You are lucky to have beautiful black hair as it shines your face in contrast and makes it more prominent in contrast, not to mention of the charisma it spreads around from your personality.

Try various styles on your black hair with blonde highlights and add to the charisma of your persona. The combination of black hair with blonde highlights is very trending. It looks alluringly sexy and sophisticated, exploring interesting dimensions and meaningful depths of your hairstyle.

The style, quantity, and intensity of highlight depend upon hairstyle, hair size, face structure, season, or any specific occasion.

Let’s talk about 5 most famous haircuts that suits on black hair with blonde highlights.

  1. Pixie Haircut

Starting from short hairstyles, the first comes a very famous Pixie Haircut. It’s a cutting style where you cut your hair short from the back and the sides while keeping slightly longer bangs (straight or spikey) in front.

The most amazing blonde highlights with this hairstyle would be Chunky Highlights. That’s when you colour the spikes or tips of your black hair. This gives a very artistic look and the colouring seems like brush strokes.

If you prefer to keep the bangs at the front straight then the perfect look would be colouring the front bangs halfway from the tips to the middle of your hairs, keeping a plain style.

  1. Messy Wob

One of the famous haircuts this year, Messy Wob is a short sized haircut style which comes from the wavy bob haircut. The hair looks like “getting just out the bed now” and a blonde highlight would add a drama to it. Having black hair with blonde highlights with this style makes the hairstyle special and attractive. You can colour the waves with blonde highlights making a Ribbon Highlights style. Keep a slight black background or colour up the waves halfway and keeping the straight part, near the head, black. Both these styles leave a wonderful effect and break your monotony with colouring beauty.

  1. Wavy Bangs With Medium Haircut

Blonde highlights with this hairstyle create an amazing persona, regardless of age and face structure. This is one of the styles which cannot be dropped off the list. Highlighting the wavy bangs with blonde in this style makes a Famboyage Highlight, which produces an effect of smooth waves, creating a soothing attraction. Blonde highlights with this style makes your personality really captivating.

  1. Classic Uniform Length

Black hair contrasted by blonde highlights having a classic style like uniform length; a haircut preferred to be made with razers to keep it refined is going to have a blushing effect. You can have three different designs with this hairstyle.

First, you can have your highlights started from the roots of the hair, bringing it halfway, keeping it fully rich (Ombré Highlights).

Second, you can start highlights from the tips and keep it halfway (Ombré Highlights).

Third, you can have full hair highlights, with light brushes and random design (Sombré Highlights).

This classic hairstyle with such designs looks both classy and sophisticated. It shows you still have respect for traditions yet you can keep up with the trending world.

  1. Long Hair

When it comes to long hair, selecting a style becomes tedious. There come to the highlights!

Black long hair with blonde highlights brings life into your hairstyle. Balayage highlights works perfect for long hair. Having a randomized highlighting all over the hair gives a refreshing look. Having your black hair giving a dark complexion from behind, the highlights glow at night. In the sun, these random highlight blushes and give your personality a new life. Your hair looks thick, healthy, and sophisticated.

The second option you have is highlighting the spikes a few centimetres which will give a look of lava meeting down your hair.

It is fortunate to have black hair and not decorating it with highlights would be an indecisive temperament.

So why not discover new shades of your personality, taste new flavours, and enjoy a stylish life? Go ahead and colour your life!